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Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) is an international community with over 14,000 members and almost 500 worldwide academic, research and development, government, and military organisations as institutional members. Some of the reputed student chapters include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Imperial College London and Stanford University. SIAM was incorporated in 1952 as a non-profit organisation to convey and implement useful mathematical knowledge for practical, industrial and scientific use. Since then SIAM has been successfully fostering the development of applied mathematics and computational sciences.


SIAM-JUIT is the sixth student chapter of SIAM to be established in India, with the previously established ones being in IISc Bangalore, DTU Delhi, IIT Guwahati. SIAM-JUIT aims to provide the means to the students to excel in the fields that follow an interdisciplinary approach and bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and real-world applications. It provides the students with a platform to brainstorm, freely exchange ideas and work various aspects of mathematics related to their disciplines. It strives to enable the students to push past the boundaries of curriculum and widen their horizons through talks with experts and seasoned professionals, projects, research and industrial exposure.

Why Join Siam

Our Mission

Breaking the mold

Changing the general perception around the field of computational mathematics on our campus community, sister Jaypee universities as well as nearby scholastic circuits/circles.

infusion in campus culture

Infusing the skills, prowess and understanding related to the field of applied and computational mathematics in JUIT students and faculty.

Fostering and nurturing

Introducing, nurturing and promoting new research and development aims, aspirations and objectives related to the field at JUIT.

Creating a network

Establishing and connecting with computer science and applied mathematics professionals, innovators, scientists and industry leaders .

Annual symposium

. Hosting an annual symposium to offer exposure to students as well as keep up with the latest innovations in the field. .


Organising seminars, conventions and conferences in which we plan to invite experts in the area of computer science & applied mathematics to talk about their research.

Latest Announcements

SIAM JUIT Student chapter has been established under the Faculty Advisor Prof. (Dr.) Vivek Kumar Sehgal, Head of Department CSE & IT. The council elected to lead the chapter for this tenure is attached.

Open Document

Faculty advisory committee has been established and faculty members have been appointed as advisors for the SIAM chapter of JUIT.

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Minutes of Meetings held by Executive Committee and Faculty Advisory Committee

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Orientation 12th October

The orientation will mark the beginning of the new term, where the scope, mission and vision of the chapter will be delivered to the campus students and faculty. The orientation will be conducted by the current officers and attended by all the faculty members of JUIT as well.

distinguished Speaker seminar

The Chapter has a Distinguished Speaker Seminar Series which enables the members to gain exposure and wisdom directly from the best in academics and industry. Under this initiative renowned personalities who have achieved success in both academic and professional spheres share their wisdom and insights with the Chapter members. The seminars are conducted around the clock, throughout the tenure.


Founding Officers

Prof. (DR.) Vivek Kumar Sehgal
founding faculty advisor
Professor & Head of Dept. of CSE&IT
Faculty Advisory Committee
Founding Officers

Achyut Tiwari
Founding President
Ashima Pal
Vice President
Suveer Sharma
Dev Tyagi
Himanshu Dhumrash
PHD Mentor
Aryan chugh
Head of Research
Aishani Pachauri
head of Operations
Piyush Singh

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Department of CS&IT, Jaypee University of Information Technology,Solan